Han Mu Do Association of Singapore
Han Mu Do Association of Singapore
Han Mu Do Association of Singapore
Han Mu Do Association of Singapore
Han Mu Do Association of Singapore
Han Mu Do Association of Singapore
Han Mu Do Association of Singapore
Han Mu Do Association of Singapore
Han Mu Do Association of Singapore

Training / Venue / Schedule

Training Program

A typical Hanmudo Training Session

What is taught
- basic and advanced hand strikes and kicks
- grappling and counter techniques
- ground wrestling
- submission moves
- Ki (use of internal energy)
- defensive techniques against weapon
- pole techniques, short stick ,knife, sword, rope ,fan
- falling and rolling techniques

Hanmudo's training class
- setting up the mats
- Commence the start of the class
- warm up
- Dan jun ho (utilising Ki)
- break fall and rolling
- basic kick punch exercise
- Lesson: Practice of belt-techniques according to rank
- Explanation of Philosophy
- Fall in for the end of the class

Requirements for affiliation to Hanmudo by other martial art organizations or individuals

1.Conversion Requirements of The World Hanmudo Association for Black Belt Practitioners of Other Korean Martial Arts who wish to convert to similar rank in Hanmudo Black Belt.

To ensure quality of Hanmudo Black Belters,there is no automatic conversion. Han Do Won, the Examination Body of The World Han Mu Do Association, does not allow automatic conversion eg Hapkido or Taekwondo 3rd Dan cannot receive Hanmudo 3rd Dan straight away. They have to learn the techniques and sit for 1st Dan ,2nd Dan and 3rd Dan tests. Only allowance is there is no waiting period requirement up to their present rank they are holding.(that is, no need to wait. Normally it is 2yrs waiting for 1st to 2nd dan, 3yrs.from 2nd to 3rd dan etc..All Black Belt candidates are tested by Grandmaster Dr.He- Young Kimm.This is to ensure all Hanmudo black belts have a high standard of expertise to the satisfaction of Grandmaster Kimm. Hence ,irregardless of rank or martial art style, one has to learn from the beginning the Hanmudo techniques.

2.Program for Hapkido ,Taekwondo Instructors and other martial art style instructors

Hapkido, Taekwondo and other martial art style instructors can attend a modified shorter program to help them learn Hanmudo in an easier pace as well as to enable them to incorporate Hanmudo self defence techniques into their syllabus.

To be a Hanmudo school representative and instructor ,one has to attain a minimum of 1st Dan Black Belt and be certified as an instructor by the Han Do Won.

Training Schedule and Venues


Siglap South Community Centre (Hanmudo Association Singapore HQ)
Address: 6 Palm Rd, Singapore 456441
Tel: 62411925
Off Upper East Coast Road
Opposite SPC Petrol Station
15 mins from Tanah Merah MRT
Exit Station from Exit A, take Bus 12

Classes Saturdays
5.30pm-7.30pm (Adults and children)





Hougang Community Club
Address: 35 Hougang Ave 3 Singapore 538840
Tel: 62828887

7pm to 9pm (Adults and children)

By MRT alight Kovan MRT station Exit B Take Bus 81 (3 stops).








One Punggol
Address: 1 Punggol Drive Singapore 828629
Tel: 63871833

Children 2pm-3.30pm
Adults 2pm-4.30pm

Punggol MRT





Training fees at Community Clubs $120 for every 12 sessions.

Class is ongoing. Membership Fee $15 for every 3 months

Contact Us

Dr.Dennis Chua at tel: 65 98353926 or Mrs Chua at tel : 65 96235493

email enquiry@hanmudo-hapkido.com

Free Trial Class

Send email request to enquiry @hanmudo-hapkido.com