Han Mu Do Association of Singapore
Han Mu Do Association of Singapore
Han Mu Do Association of Singapore
Han Mu Do Association of Singapore
Han Mu Do Association of Singapore
Han Mu Do Association of Singapore
Han Mu Do Association of Singapore
Han Mu Do Association of Singapore
Han Mu Do Association of Singapore

Hanmudo Association Singapore

In 1994, Dr.Chua ,who was the Hapkido Chief Instructor of his school, Hapkido Shim Do Kwan Singapore, saw an article on Hanmudo in the Taekwondo Times magazine. Curious to know more about Hanmudo, Dr.Chua corresponded and then in 1995 invited Grandmaster He-Young Kimm,Founder of Hanmudo and President of the World Han Mu Do Association ,to Singapore to conduct the 1st Hapkido and Hanmudo Seminar in Singapore.

Impressed by the knowledge and qualifications of Dr.Kimm, his teaching methods, as well as his humility and his approachability, Dr.Chua decided to make his school a full member of The World Hanmudo Association.

In 1996, Hanmudo Association Singapore was registered with the Singapore government martial art office (Martial Art Control Unit or MACU), and Hanmudo became a registered martial art in Singapore.

Biodata of Dr.Dennis Chua,
Chief Instructor and Founder of Hanmudo Association Singapore

Dr.Dennis Chua is the Chief Instructor for Hanmudo Association Singapore.Besides teaching Hanmudo and Hapkido, he is a Dental Surgeon in private practice.

He is trained directly by Grandmaster Dr. He-Young Kimm, founder of Hanmudo, in the US and Korea.

He holds a 7th Dan Black Belt in Hanmudo , 7th Dan Black Belt in Hapkido (Korea Ki Do Association), 5th Dan Black Belt in Hapkido (Global Hapkido Federation) and 2nd Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo (Kukkiwon WTF).


With Grandmaster Kimm's advice to him to have Hanmudo as his major martial art and to learn other martial arts as his minor subjects in order to develop an open mind, Dr.Chua trains in Chinese martial arts-Chen and Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan , Shaolin Hong Quan and Seven Star Praying Mantis Wushu under Master Foo Shang Wee (a 20th generation Chen Tai Chi master under China's Chen Tai Chi Grandmasters Zhu Tian Cai and Chen Xiao Wang), and Wing Chun. Dr.Chua is certified by Master Foo Shang Wee to teach Chen Tai Chi and Praying Mantis Wushu.

In Japanese martial arts, Dr.Chua trains in Judo and Traditional Japanese Jujitsu with Jujitsu Kobudo Singapore Chief Instructor Shihan Stephen Chee. He also trains in Brazilian Jujitsu (BJJ).

Dr.Chua is the Singapore and South -East Asia representative for The World Han Mu Do Association. He is also appointed by Dr.Kimm to be the Singapore Representative for the Korea Kido Association. He is appointed by Grandmaster Han Jung Do to be the Singapore Representative for Global Hapkido Federation. Dr.Chua is also a member instructor of Karate For Christ International.

Time line of Dr.Chua's martial art background ,
and history and development of Hanmudo Association Singapore

Dr.Chua started learning Taekwondo at Orchard YMCA under Master John Nah ,Master Edmund Law,Master Chia Pee Soon and Master Wilfred Tan.

Achieved 1st Dan Black Belt Singapore Taekwondo Federation (WTF)

TKD Assistant Instructor for YMCA Orchard and SAFRA Tampines.
Coach for Orchard YMCA Poomse TKD Team. The team achieved silver medal in Poomse in 1997 Singapore TKD Nationals.

Studied Chen Man Cheng Yang Style Tai Chi at Sin Pin Tai Chi Association in Singapore.

Started learning Hapkido in Singapore under Sambup Hapkido Association Korean founder Dr.Choi and Chief Instructor Master Kim Duc Soo (8th Dan Korea Hapkido Federation)

Trained in USA by 10th Dan Hapkido Black Belt Grandmaster Kwang Sik Myung (President of World Hapkido Federation,and disciple of Grandmaster Yong Sul Choi,Father of Hapkido)

Tested under GM Kwang Sik Myung. Achieved 1st Dan Black Belt World Hapkido Federation under GM Kwang Sik Myung.
Dr.Chua held appointment as Vice- President of Sambup Hapkido Association and Assistant Hapkido Instructor for Sambup Hapkido Association.

Dr.Dennis Chua (L), Dojunim He-Young Kimm (centre), and Master Foo Shang Wee (R), Taichi and Wushu master

Tested by GM Myung and achieved 2nd Dan Hapkido Black Belt (World Hapkido Federation) from GM Kwang Sik Myung.
1994 Left Sambup Hapkido Association and started his own school, Hapkido Shim Do Kwan with some Sambup Hapkido seniors-Paul Tan, Lau Pang Seng, James Kwong, Tong Wai Cho, Siow Wei Ying.

Affiliated as a full member with World Han Mu Do Association under Grandmaster He-Young Kimm (President of World Han Mu Do Association).
Invited GM Kimm to Singapore for 1st GM Kimm Hapkido and Hanmudo Singapore Seminar.
Tested under GM Kimm and achieved 1st and 2nd Dan Hapkido Black Belt (Korea Kido Association). Paul Tan and Tong Wai Cho tested and received 1st Dan Hapkido (Korea Kido Assoaciation) from recommendation by Dr.Chua to GM Kimm.

Tested by Grandmaster He-Young Kimm (Founder of Han Mu Do for 1st and 2nd Dan Hanmudo and achieved 1st and 2nd Dan Hanmudo Black Belt,at Han Do Won (World Han Mu Do Association Headquarters), Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA 1996
Introduced Hanmudo to the Singapore public.
Converted his school Hapkido Shim Do Kwan to Han Mu Do Shim Do Kwan, a full member of the World Han Mu Do Association.
Appointed by GM Kimm as Singapore and South-East Asia Representative for The World Han Mu Do Association.
Registered the art "Hanmudo" as a recognised new martial art in Singapore with the Singapore goverment body, Martial Arts Control Unit (MACU), Ministry of Home Affairs.

Tested by GM Kimm for 3rd Dan Hanmudo in Korea. Achieved 3rd Dan Hanmudo. Lau Pang Seng and James Kwong also tested in Korea and received 1st Dan Hanmudo, the first generation Singapore Hanmudo students of Dr.Chua to receive Hanmudo 1st Dan Black Belts.
Dr.Chua also received 3rd Dan Global Hapkido Federation from Grandmaster Han Jung Do, 9th Dan (President of Global Hapkido Federation and Korea Han Mu Do Association General Secretary).
GM Han appointed Dr.Chua as Representative in Singapore for Global Hapkido Federation.
Dr.Chua was a Silver medallist for Knife Ho Shin Sul ( Knife Self Defence) at the 1st World Hapkido and Hanmudo Games, Korea.

Dr.Chua tested Gary Darwin for Hanmudo 1st Dan, a 2nd generation black belt.
1998 Dr.Chua interviewed over TV on Hanmudo on program "Good Morning Singapore".
Conducted Self Defence seminar for AWARE Women Association. Hanmudo AWARE Seminar featured in Singapore's main newspaper,The Straits Times as "AWARE members learn Korean art of self defence HANMUDO"

Hanmudo Shim Do Kwan changed to Han Mu Do Association Singapore.
Approved and registered by Registry of Societies and Martial Art Control Unit (MACU) as a legitimate martial art association.
First President is Dr.Dennis Chua. Committee members -Edmund Ng, Edmund Tam, Lim Teck Meng, Winston Wong, Siow Wei Ying,Cai Du Cui, Zainuddin Bin Musli, Jo Ng Chng Wei ,Susanna Sarita Revi

Brought Singapore Hanmudo Team to take part in 2nd World Hapkido And Hanmudo Games, Seoul,Korea. Guided Singapore team to win 2 golds, 4 silvers and 1 bronze.
Dr.Chua won 2 Gold medals in Forms and Counter Throw defence competition. He was the coach for his student Edmund Tam for Dae Ryun (Sparring) event. Edmund won silver for sparring, beating his Korean opponent in the semis to reach the finals, where he lost to the Korean champion. Medal results-Edmund Tam - silver for sparring, silver for forms, silver for Counter throw. Girls Jo Ng Chng Wei - silver for Forms, Susanna Sarita Revi - Bronze for Forms.

2nd GM Kimm Singapore Hanmudo Seminar.
GM Kimm presented plaque to Dr.Chua as "Best Outstanding International Instructor For Hanmudo" for 1999 at the 2nd GM Kimm Singapore Hanmudo Seminar.
Dr.Chua's 3rd generation students Edmund Tam,Jerald Tay,Siow Wei Ying,and Paul Ng tested by GM Kimm at the Dec 1999 Singapore Seminar and received 1st Dan Hanmudo Black Belt.

Dr.Chua and Hanmudo Singapore members accompanied Grandmaster Kimm to 1st Malaysian Hanmudo exhibition and seminar in Malacca, Malaysia.

Tested for 4th Dan by GM Kimm in Han Do Won (World Han Mu Do Association Headquarters) at Baton Rouge ,Louisiana ,USA.GM Kimm invited Dr.Chua to conduct a Tai Chi Chi Gong Shih Ba Shih Seminar at the USA Hanmudo Seminar, Han Do Won.

Attended the Taichi Chi Gong Shi Ba Shi Instructor Course conducted by People's Association Singapore.
Tested and passed as Certified instructor of Taichi Chi Gong Shi Ba Shi 2000
Started learning Chen Tai Chi and Praying Mantis Wushu under Master Foo Shang Wee, 20th Generation Chen Tai Chi disciple from Grandmaster Zhu Tian Chai and Chen Xiao Wang of Chen Jia Gou (Chen Village, origin of all Taichi), China.

Hanmudo featured twice on TV on the program "All in the Body" and "Street Smart".
Took part in demo at big health exhihition EZY Health at East Coast Park.

Hanmudo Singapore members were filmed performing Hanmudo for part of the health program "Living Pulse 2" produced by Discovery Channel.The program was on Stem cells combating cancer cells. Hanmudo was used as analogy of Warrior Stem Cells.

Dr.Chua started learning Judo and Jujitsu (World Jujitsu Federation) under 6th Dan Jujitsu Shihan Stephen Chee ,Chief Instructor of Jujitsu Kobudo Singapore and President of Gentle Life Sports Centre.
Initiated a joint Jujitsu Hanmudo Seminar at Tampines SAFRA Resort,Dec.2001.Dr.Chua conducted Hanmudo Seminar for Jujitsu and Judo members.

1st Singapore Hanmudo Nationals,at Hanmudo Singapore HQ ,Cairnhill Community Club,Dec 2002.Grand champion was Jeffrey Fleury.Chief Referee was Dr.Chua.Assistant.referees were Jujitsu Shihan Stephen Chee, Judo Sensei Kong Fook Wai and Senior student Wong Kah Heng.

Shihan Giovanni Bartoletti , President of The World Jujitsu Kobudo Federation, visited Hanmudo Association Singapore and conducted Jujitsu seminar. Shihan Stephen Chee and Shihan Wong Tuan Seng(President of Shitoryu Karate Federation Singapore) invited Dr.Chua to conduct Hanmudo Seminar and Shihan Bartoletti to conduct jujitsu seminar to Karate members.
Hanmudo Singapore Demo team was invited to demonstrate for the Handicap Welfare Association Concert at Marina Bay.
Hanmudo Association Singapore raised money through a kickathon and presented cheque to Handicap Welfare Association. Guest of Honour was Minister Mr.Chan Soo Sen

2003 June.
Master Ngiaw Wee Sun ,7th Dan Chief Instructor of Global TKD(GTF) Malaysia(Kuantan) and vice president of GTF Malaysia,invited Dr.Chua and Hanmudo Singapore Demo Team to Kuantan to perform a Hanmudo demo at the Kuantan GTF Open.

2003 Dec.
3rd GM Kimm Singapore Seminar was held. Dr.Chua was tested by GM Kimm and achieved 5th Dan Black Belt Hanmudo and 4th Dan Hapkido Korea Kido Assoction.
Dr.Chua's 4th generation students,Lim Teck Meng ,Jeffrey Fleury and Winston Wong were tested by GM Kimm and achieved 1st Dan Hanmudo Black Belt.

2004 Aug
Accompanied his senior student ,Wong Kah Heng, to Sydney, Australia to attend Dr.Kimm's Australia Hanmudo Seminar organized by Master Keyvan Mirzai, Australia Hanmudo Chief Instructor , held at Australia Hanmudo Association. Wong Kah Heng tested and attained his Hanmudo 1st Dan under Dr.Kimm.

2005 May
18th.Dr.Chua received 5th Dan Hapkido from President of Global Hapkido Federation,Grandmaster Han Jung Do. Hapkido Shim Do Kwan, the Hapkido arm of Hanmudo Association Singapore,is recognised as the official representative for Global Hapkido Federation in Singapore.
Dr.Chua is appointed Singapore chief instructor for Global Hapkido Federation.

4th GM Kimm Singapore Hanmudo Seminar and 10th Anniversary celebration of Hanmudo Association Singapore Students tested by Dr.Kimm and attained 1st Dan: Saman Khorram (Iran), Ryan Fleury. Max Pinckers (Belgium),Daniel Tan,Beverly Wong,John Weidler(USA),Shirley Lourdes,Rachel Lourdesamy, Joshua Lourdesamy,Justin Quan, Adriel Chua, Tan Chuan Yang,Andy Loh, Ho Weizan 2nd Dan: Jeffrey Fleury

2006, 30th Sept.-10 Oct.
Dr.Dennis Chua and his black belt student,Jeffrey Fleury,together with Chen Tai Chi master,Master Foo Shang Wee, were invited by Grandmaster Han Jung Do,President of Global Hapkido Federation,to participate in The World Martial Arts Festival in Chung Ju ,Korea.

Dr.Chua with Grandmaster Kim Yong Sub , Hapkido and Sun-do (Melbourne Australia), Hapkido pioneer in Australia

2007 March
Dr.Chua moved to Melbourne Australia to work as a dentist. During his absence,assistant instructors Jeffrey Fleury and Wong Kah Heng helped run the Singapore schools.
Dr.Chua started first Chen Tai Chi class at Melbourne University, Melbourne , Australia.

2007 March
Dr.Chua started first Hanmudo class at Melbourne University , Melbourne , Australia.

2008 January
Dr.Chua attended USA seminar at World Han Mu Do Association HQ Baton Rouge Louisiana .Tested by GM Kimm for 6th Dan at Han Do Won ,USA. Received 6th Dan Black Belt Hanmudo from GM Kimm. Also received 5th Dan Black Belt Hapkido from Korea Kido Association.

2008 January
Registered Shim Do Kwan Martial Art Institute of Australia with Han Do Won.

2008 January
Returned to Singapore to test students.William Toh tested and obtained 1st Dan Black Belt in Hanmudo. Tan Chuan Yang tested and obtained 2nd Dan Black Belt in Hanmudo. William recommended by Dr.Chua to Dr.Kimm for International Hanmudo Instructor certification and receives International Hanmudo Instructor certificate from Dr.Kimm.

2008 February
Dr.Chua appoints Master William Toh as international certified Hanmudo Instructor in Singapore. William is the instructor in Singapore while Dr.Chua returned to Melbourne, Australia.

2008 April
Dr.Chua started Hanmudo Shim Do Kwan Australia

Hapkido subschool of Hanmudo Association Singapore, Hapkido Shim Do Kwan, registered as member of Korea Kido Association and Korea Kido representative for Singapore .
Registered Hanmudo Shim Do Kwan Australia with Korea Kido Association.

2008 Nov.
Dr.Chua returned to Singapore and resumed Chief Instructor of Hanmudo Association Singapore.

Dr.Chua tested Saman Khorram (Iran) and William Toh. Both attained 2nd Dan

2013 Aug
Dr Chua tested and received 2nd Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo from Korea Kukkiwon

2014 Nov
Dr.Chua tested by Hanmudo Founder Grandmaster Dr.He-Young Kimm at World Hanmudo Association Headquarters and received 7th Dan Black Belt in Hanmudo

2015 Mar
Dr.Chua tested and received 7th Dan Black Belt in Hapkido from Korea KIDO Association